Bad Breath

Bad breath is actually very common, and usually the persons with it are unaware they even have it. Nevertheless, the bad breath cure is effective and relatively fuss-free.

In most cases, bad breath is generated in the mouth, where bacteria produce gases which tend to smell like rotten eggs. These bacteria often hide in the areas that you miss when you clean your teeth, as well as in the fissures on your tongue.

It is true that some people may have bad breath emanating from the throat and indeed the stomach, but the most common reason is form the mouth.

Smoking is another prime culprit – by drying your mouth it makes the odour worse and builds-up harmful tar and nicotine inside your mouth.

Under our care, we will investigate and determine the cause of your bad breath and show you how to tackle it as part of your regular oral care routine. Gum disease is often the cause of halitosis (bad breath), and this can be controlled and eventually eliminated by adhering to a robust oral hygiene regime of cleaning one teeth and surrounding tissues.

If you have any concerns about the freshness of your breath please do not be embarrassed to tell us. Once we are aware of your concerns we can act to ensure your confidence is restored quickly. Before your appointment do not smoke, use any mouthwashes or chew any gum. Try not to wear any after shave or perfumes. This will allow us to make a fair judgement as to whether a problem exists.

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