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New Technologies

The field of dentistry is constantly evolving and changing to best suit patient needs. Oxford Dental Centre is always on the lookout for new and emerging technology to make our patientsí experience as comfortable as possible. Here is just a few of the different technologies that our practices use to ensure we provide world-class service to all our patients:




A few years back we installed the first Green CT scanner in the UK. This is the most efficient 2-in-1 solution for all dental speciality by providing high-quality Panoramic & 3D images.


Innovative ultra low dose X-ray technology

  • Green CBCT protects both patient and clinician


Rapid Scan

  • Minimized motion artifacts and faster workflow
  • 5.9 second rapid scan time produces superb image quality


Multi FOV Sizes

  • Wide range of FOV sizes from 5x5 to 16x10cm
  • Optimal FOV for precise diagnosis and reducing patient exposure




Intra Oral X-Ray

Our Intra Oral X-Ray Sensor uses the Hybrid CMOS Technology (On chip Trigger, Switching, Redundancy Signal)


The supreme quality of diagnostic images provided by X-Ray sensor is providing the dentists successful implant surgeries and endodontic treatments.



Intra Oral Camera

The intraoral camera is a tool that we use to document the teeth and soft tissue structures in your month. The images produced are indispensable in the subsequent formulation of the treatment plan and in-patient education and accurate record keeping.



Dental Software

We make use of various software to aid in our record keeping, diagnoses and treatment planning. The softwares are also fully featured for 3D image acquisition, viewing and processing.



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